Iowa House panel moves away from banning traffic cameras

Legislation to prohibit traffic enforcement cameras got a yellow light Wednesday as a House subcommittee advanced the bill, but members indicated they anticipate regulating the devices rather than banning them. Although he has concerns about the cameras, Public Safety Committee Chairman Jarad Klein, R-Keota, conceded they may serve the public interest so he’s willing to look for middle ground – something less than an outright ban, but more than the largely unregulated use of cameras to catch motorists who speed and run red lights.

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Rossford one step closer to using handheld speeding cameras

Rossford City Council Monday held the first reading of an ordinance authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. of Phoenix , which would introduce handheld speed-detection cameras. Read the full article at Toledo Blade.

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Criminal Conspiracy: Redflex, ATS, and Anytown USA

You own a car. One evening, while enjoying your private property, a series of sensors and cameras detect your movement and computationally decide that you are exceeding the speed limit. A for-profit corporation receives high-resolution images of the alleged ““violation,” which then forwards the allegations to another series of for-profit corporations. Read the full article at CameraFraud.

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