Iowa House panel moves away from banning traffic cameras

Legislation to prohibit traffic enforcement cameras got a yellow light Wednesday as a House subcommittee advanced the bill, but members indicated they anticipate regulating the devices rather than banning them. Although he has concerns about the cameras, Public Safety Committee Chairman Jarad Klein, R-Keota, conceded they may serve the public interest so he’s willing to look for middle ground – something less than an outright ban, but more than the largely unregulated use of cameras to catch motorists who speed and run red lights.

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I-235 speeding was rampant when traffic camera was off, data show

The Interstate Highway 235 traffic camera on the metro’s west side was not producing citations for 14 months – and speeding picked up markedly. The camera monitored over twice as many flagrant speeders per month in that period than it did the months before citations ceased and the first month since they restarted, police said. Read the full article at Des Moines Register.

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Sioux City unlikely to reactivate traffic cameras

A recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling that the state’s Department of Transportation cannot force cities to shut off traffic enforcement cameras means Sioux City likely will have the go-ahead to activate its cameras at will. Read the full article at Sioux City Journal.

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