Obtained Records Show ICE Is Using ALPR Databases To Reconstruct Targets' Lives

ICE has full-blown access to license plate databases around the nation, as well as its own direct hookup to the largest ALPR database itself – the one compiled by ALPR manufacturer Vigilant. It places almost no restrictions on searches of these databases. Anything that somehow isn’t compliant can be farmed out to state and local agencies to perform searches by proxy. The ACLU has obtained records showing just how much access ICE has, and how often it performs searches.

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DeKalb allows police department to access private license plate readers

DeKalb police officers will soon tap into private license plate readers stationed in communities across the county. The county commission voted 7-0 Tuesday to approve an agreement with Flock Safety, an Atlanta-based company that markets itself as a crime-solving tool for neighborhoods. Read the full article at AJC.

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ICE Uses Facial Recognition To Sift State Driver's License Records, Researchers Say

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents mine millions of driver’s license photos for possible facial recognition matches – and some of those efforts target undocumented immigrants who have legally obtained driver’s licenses, according to researchers at Georgetown University Law Center, which obtained documents related to the searches. Federal agencies have not gotten congressional approval to use state DMV records as a massive database, says Alvaro Bedoya, the founding director of Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy & Technology.

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