NYPD To Google: Stop Revealing Location Of DWI Checkpoints

The NYPD has sent a cease and desist letter to Google, demanding that it remove alerts about DWI checkpoints on the Waze driving app. […] “This letter serves to put you on notice that the NYPD has become aware that the Waze Mobile application, a community-driven GPS navigation application owned by Google LLC, currently permits the public to report DWI checkpoints throughout New York City and map these locations on the application,” the NYPD wrote.

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Man may sue police over arrest for his 'cops ahead' sign

View on YouTube A Connecticut man was arrested for holding up a “cops ahead” sign near a police checkpoint — but the charges were dropped, and now he is mulling a lawsuit. […] His pal was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of breach of peace for protesting Friend’s arrest outside the headquarters of the Stamford Police Department. Read the full article at New York Post.

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