Arizona police agencies gather & share license plate data, but few ensure rules are being followed

As part of the training for the ALPR systems, Chandler officers are taught to “grid” neighborhoods during their downtime – systematically driving up and down every street in an area, indiscriminately scooping up information on vehicles – not because of any suspected criminal activity, but because the information might be useful in future criminal investigations. The practice is worrisome for civil liberties advocates, who view the sweeping data collection as too expansive.

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Cavalcade of new school buses arrive in Show Low, AZ

Other safety features […] include […] seven internal cameras and a stop-arm camera. […] There are two extending stop signs on the exterior of each bus as well as a camera system that will capture pictures or video of vehicles that unlawfully pass the bus while stopped. […] There are also cameras on the interior of the buses to aid the drivers with safety and security. Read the full article at White Mountain Independent.

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No green light for red light cameras in Kingman, AZ

The potential for red light cameras in Kingman, AZ came to a screeching halt Tuesday when Interim City Manager Jim Bacon and Kingman Police Department Chief Bob DeVries requested the item be removed from Council’s agenda. Read the full article at Kingman Daily Miner.

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