Crash Reports Need to List Criminal Involvement

Sep 13, 2022 • 13:14

Crash Reports Need to List Criminal Involvement

This is not camera related. It is a observation.

The Covid and Defund Police situation has caused many problems in terms of crime. There has been one study indicating a correlation between increase crime and crashes. It is not hard to see. Shoplifting, shootings. Car jacking in broad daylight, stealing cars for “fun”, etc. A lot of crime has car use in them.

Yet the police are afraid to engage and arrest criminals out of fear of being targets by activists who view them as the enemy.

Take this quote from a officer “He told Fox News Digital that police who do wrong must be held accountable, but also said officers both locally and around the country have become hesitant to do their jobs “because they can be right, but it can be the wrong set of facts, and they can still wind up in trouble.””

Many crashes in NHTSA have criminal activity in them . They do. Any car crash that involved fleeing police usual is “speeding related”. Yet not bringing up the criminal part in crash reports is not telling the whole truth of the crash.

NHTSA needs to come clean with how many crashes have criminal activity in them!

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