Thoughts on Philadelphia "Claim" of Scameras.

Aug 18, 2022 • 07:40

Thoughts on Philadelphia "Claim" of Scameras.

Another day another claim speed scameras “reduced” crashes.

By the same city who was busted underreporting red light camera crashes too.

So the the question is what was not said.

Two other towns NYC and Chicago had increases despite wide spread camera use (note there are time restrictions but most operated during daylight).

Camera pushers have been caught lying on safety claims before. We have mentioned Wiltshire, UK. “64 percent” was claimed by the scameras side.

That was lying with statistics . When reports were pulled ““I would very much like to hear the Camera Partnership explain exactly how it is supposed to be possible that their cameras reduced crashes by over sixty percent when only about four percent of crashes involved exceeding a speed limit,” Smith said. “It does not make sense.””

In fact state wide (not just Philadelphia) speed related fatal crashes were 269 in 2020 (2016 were 316) page 8 . Note crash reports can count up to 3 factors.

Also note most speed related crashes are below the limit too.

Questions not answered

  1. What was the traffic counts before and after. Were people just avoiding Roosevelt?
  2. How many crashes were really speed related and above the limit?
  3. How many of above the limit speed related crashes had others causes like criminal activity. Including Impaired drivers.

These are just basic questions that anyone should ask. A speed scameras could only “affect” a crash above the speed limit where a driver would care about a scamera ticket. Cameras have no affect on criminal activity. So what won’t Philadelphia come clean?

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