Intelligently Assisted

May 05, 2022 • 08:21

Intelligently Assisted

The “technology” – as these things are styled – was introduced, predictably, as a gentle reminder; you’re driving faster than whatever the posted limits says you may. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention. You are doing 60 in a 55 and so susceptible to being “pulled over” – that is, forced to stop by the threat of murderous violence if you do not – and then issued a “ticket,” the insipid-sounding euphemism given to the extortion-demand note handed to you by the armed government worker (AGW) who “pulled you over.”

A little speed limit icon in the car’s instrument cluster – made to look like a little speed limit road sign – flashes red … to “assist” you. To let you know you are “speeding” – the term used by AGWs to justify the “pulling over” and handing-over of the extortion-demand note.

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