Speed Camera Bogus Claims

Mar 17, 2022 • 12:17

Speed Camera Bogus Claims

Have entertainment with speed scamera bogus claims.

Speed scamera supporters like to claim that 1/3 of crashes are “caused” by speeding. But of course the supporters lie by omission by not mentioning:

  1. Most “speeding” crashes are BELOW the speed limit. Many have weather events.
  2. Then you have those with criminal activity. Impaired, robbery, fleeing police, smugglers, car theft, car jacking, illegal racing.

A speed camera will not stop any of the above.

Add to that the “speeding caused” crashes also include any crash where the driver was above the limit regardless of cause, like say 5 over and a deer runs into your path. There is a lot of misinformation and lack of contributing issue in the “speeding” data pushed by NHTSA.

The push on scameras is not about safety.

NHTSA needs to stop putting below the speed limit crashes in their speeding data. This is 100% dishonest.

Second NHTSA needs to list how many “speeding” crashes have criminal events. It is dishonest not to break these out.

Criminals only care about prison, not a speed camera!

“NHTSA considers a crash to be speeding-related if any driver in the crash was charged with a speeding-related offense or if a police officer indicated that racing, driving too fast for conditions, or exceeding the posted speed limit was a contributing factor in the crash,” the report explains.

Ultimately, the numbers come from the judgment of an investigating officer at the scene of the crash. The officer fills out a form asking him whether a driver involved in the incident exceeded the posted speed limit, or whether he was under the limit but in excess of the speed prudent for the weather and road conditions.

Because the detailed NHTSA report omitted the breakdown for each of these factors, we obtained the information directly from the FARS database. It turns out that only 82 individual drivers were identified as “racing” prior to a fatal crash in 2015, accounting for 0.2 percent of incidents. Only 102 speeding tickets were issued to surviving drivers, compared to 6864 tickets for non-speeding offenses. Overall, 3469 drivers were found to be exceeding the posted speed limit, or 7 percent (view chart).

Federal Stats Overstate Role Of Speeding In Fatal Crashes - TheNewspaper.com

Auto thefts in 2020 increased almost 11% from 2019, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Auto theft spikes - USA Today

Some 1,200 more cars were stolen in LA city this year, compared to last year.

Deadly Hit-And-Run Highlights Increase in Stolen Cars

Let us also add unlicensed drivers too to the criminal list.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that unlicensed drivers account for nearly 20 percent of all fatal car accidents.

Unlicensed Drivers Wreak Havoc in Florida: How to Protect Yourself - Lavely Law

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