Case Highlights Speed Cameras' Usage Problems

Jan 13, 2022 • 18:14

Case Highlights Speed Cameras' Usage Problems

Wrongly charging innocent drivers.

A speed limit, reduced from 65 mph to 55 mph during road construction on a stretch of Interstate 80 through Girard, was returned to 65 mph Dec. 7, 2017, when the work was completed. However, for the next month, the city and Blue Line Solutions, the city’s speed camera contractor, continued to cite people for speeding through a construction zone that no longer existed, Dann said.

“As a result, thousands of people paid fines of $100 to $150 they did not owe, many were charged substantial late and collection fees, and those who appealed the citations were hit with an additional fee of $25 even though they had done nothing wrong. The entire situation was inexcusable and outrageous,” Dann said.

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