California using smash and grabs to push plate readers while some correctly point out that it is the catch and release that is the problem.

Cameras do not deter crimes. Arresting people and not releasing dangerous criminals deter crime!

Plate readers do not stop crime! They are letting the criminals back on the street!

“License plate readers are used to track people’s movements, plain and simple,” said Dave Maass, director of investigations at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “You put up these license plate readers and you’re going to be able to create a database of innocent people’s movements.”

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Within 10 days, 11 smash-and-grab robberies occurred throughout the City of LA. LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore announced the arrest of 14 people tied to those robberies.

Of those 11 incidents, 14 people have so far been arrested. However, all 14 suspects have since been released and are back out on the streets due to California’s zero-bail policy, Moore stated.

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