Kentucky Red Light Cameras

Nov 30, 2021 • 13:44

Kentucky Red Light Cameras

Kentucky Red Light Camera scam alert. Contact your representatives to oppose the so called “safety” red light camera fraud being pushed by Reggie Thomas.

As has been demonstrated over the decades, Red light cameras are about money. They do NOT stop dangerous drivers. Only police who PULL over dangerous drivers do that.

Red light cameras have been proven a fraud for decades now.

The bill is Bill Request 92

Title: AN ACT relating to traffic control signal monitoring systems and making an appropriation therefor.

Summary of Original Version

Create new sections of KRS Chapter 189 to define the terms “agency,” “owner,” “recorded images,” and “traffic control signal monitoring system”; establish a civil penalty of $50 if a motor vehicle is recorded failing to obey the instructions of a traffic control device; set forth forms and procedures; outline defenses for citations for failing to obey a traffic control device; mandate that a person who refuses to pay the civil penalty and does not appear to contest the citation shall have the vehicle’s registration suspended and to mandate that civil penalties shall not result in points against the violator’s driving record; amend KRS 189.231 and KRS 189.990 to conform; APPROPRIATION.


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