'Vision Zero' has zero benefits

By BanTheCams.org | January 18, 2019

Let me introduce you to the city’s latest plan for traffic management and safety in our city. “Vision Zero” is an organizational concept that states serious traffic deaths and injuries are preventable through proper engineering, enforcement of rules and education of the citizenry. Their purpose is noble – namely the elimination of traffic deaths and serious injuries. The City of Alexandria has adopted this plan of pedestrian and bicycle implementation to evaluate and eliminate traffic deaths and injuries. […] A drive down the quarter mile of Quaker Lane at 2 p.m. is memorable: it takes a full 20 minutes to complete the route. The city’s last resort is to remove cars from the streets by making the congestion even worse so residents must find other modes of transportation, such as bikes, scooters or Dash buses. Or we can walk. These are our options.

Read the full article at Alexandria Times.

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