About Us

BanTheCams.org was created to organize, educate and equip local citizens with a way to combat the abuse of power now being exercised by local and state governments with the regards to the use of electronic surveillance devices.

We feel that government does not have the right to use such devices on it citizens. With regards to red light cameras, the premises of safety as being the reason for installing these devices is false, and research has shown that the timing of yellow lights have been manipulated, stop lines moved, and technical fouls punished in order to entrap and create more violations so as to collect more revenues for the government.

BanTheCams.org is strictly a grass roots organization not being funded by any entity that would influence its content.

To help us in our drive to restore freedom and sanity to our roadways, please consider doing the following:

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  • Attend protests and public meetings, and let us know about the ones that we aren’t already listing on our Events page.

We are not merely a revenue source for cash-strapped governments. We are citizens with inalienable rights, and we will be heard!

–Henry Bentley, Founder of BanTheCams.org