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DC Cites Car "Running" a Green Light on Right turn!!!!!!

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DC Cites Car "Running" a Green Light on Right turn!!!!!!

Ticketbuster: Snow causes red-light camera to issue ticket in error

Friday - 4/18/2014, 5:21am  ET

By  Ari Ashe    

WASHINGTON -- The D.C. region experienced a lot of snow this winter, and one driver received a red-light camera ticket as a direct result of the inclement weather.

Jose De Jesus received the ticket on Feb. 15 at 14th Street and C Street, in Northwest, at 10:37 p.m. De Jesus works overnights at a federal agency and commutes from Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

"There was black ice all over the road and a bunch of snow that was unplowed. To avoid an accident, I moved over a little bit and I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye," De Jesus says.

As the video shows, part of his vehicle was in the right-turn lane, part in a straight lane. The light was red with a green arrow for right turns. D.C. police later concluded that De Jesus accidentally triggered the wrong sensor. However, snow and ice covered much of the right-turn lane.

"My vehicle was about 60 percent in the [straight] lane to avoid an accident and slipping on the ice [and] the snow," says De Jesus.

Two weeks after he filed his challenge, the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) ruled against him.

"The Respondent's vehicle failed to stop at the marked stop line on 2/15/14 at 10:37 PM at the location listed on the citation and did enter the intersection while facing a steady red signal and therefore committed the violation of passing a red light in the District of Columbia,"

writes Hearing Examiner Desiree Mathews.

"Quite honestly, I felt like there was nothing I could do," DeJesus says. "I could appeal, but I was just under the impression that justice would not be served."

He believes that Matthews didn't even read the evidence he presented:

"If they looked at the evidence that I presented, it would be a very clear-cut case. It just seems like no one at the DMV even cared about it."

He appealed the decision to the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board. He also contacted WTOP Ticketbuster after coming across our story about federal employee John Stanton in April 2013.

WTOP Ticketbuster put DeJesus in touch with Metropolitan Police Department Program Manager Lisa Sutter. She runs the D.C. police speed, red-light, stop sign and intersection cameras and agreed to re-examine the video on the DeJesus citation. She responded within a few hours of being contacted.

"You are 100% correct, there is a green right arrow there," Sutter wrote in an email to De Jesus. "Mr. Ashe is correct as well that your vehicle was detected because your car was halfway between the two lanes and the system thought that you were in the middle lane, which was controlled by a red light. I will void the ticket because the image isn't clear enough to see the arrow in your violation images."

Since snow and ice covered part of the right-turn lane, DC Police concluded that De Jesus made the best legal right turn possible under the weather conditions. DMV received the void request on April 1, meaning De Jesus should get a refund of his appeal fee in June, although his circumstances are similar to 400 other drivers who never received their refunds from D.C. DMV

"I'm ecstatic that the ticket got voided once someone actually looked at my evidence. I'm extremely pleased with how Ms. Sutter handled it," says De Jesus.

While it's unclear whether other drivers received bad red-light camera tickets, the lesson from this story is that the snow can cause false positives.

"All I can say is just keep it up. I'm so happy that you're there and that you're an advocate for people who are in the right," says De Jesus.

If you think you're the victim of a bogus speed camera, red-light camera or parking ticket in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, WTOP may be able to help you cut the red tape. Email us your case - along with documentation - to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


MO RLC Ban bill HB1976 to be heard next week in House.

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MO RLC Ban bill HB1976 to be heard next week in House.


by Heather Coil

So, it looks like the vote for HB1976 to BAN red light cameras statewide will happen on Thursday...updates to come. Please call and email your reps and ask for their support!

Ban the Cams note:  Link to MO REPS CONTACT INFO.


MO ALERT: HB 1557 SCAMERA LEGALIZATION bill sneaking though Senate.

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MO ALERT:  HB 1557 SCAMERA LEGALIZATION bill sneaking though Senate.

Ban the Cams note:

We know of 3 "senators" taking ATS loot (donations).  We suspect they are no all.

Here are all the members on the Senate Transportation Committee that was last known to voted on Hinsons scamera industry bill.  

NOTE WE DO NOT KNOW HOW THEY VOTED the MO Senate site does not list how they voted on the link when we last checked.  But with three members taking ATS money.  We bet we know how at least three of them voted.


 Mike Kehoe, 6th, Chairman     $1000 ATS known.
 John Lamping, 24th, Vice-Chairman
 Bob Dixon, 39th
 Brian Munzlinger, 18th     $500 ATS known.
 Jay Wasson, 20th
 Jason Holsman, 7th
 Scott Sifton, 1st    $500 ATS known  

On wrong on red.


Heather Coil‎
3 hrs • St. Louis, MO •

Hinson's bad bill which will make red light cameras legal statewide has been sneaking through the MO Senate. Please find your senator on the link below, and tell them you DO NOT support red light cameras under ANY circumstances, and that they MUST vote NO on HB1557. If you care about your privacy, Constitutional Rights, and safety I need you to do this today.

The Senate is out until Tuesday, and we need every Senator to hear from their constituents and KNOW that a vote in favor of HB1557 and anything less than a FULL BAN on Red Light Cameras is a vote against the people of Missouri. It is a vote against the oath they took to the Constitution. It is the vote against the safety of Missouri.
The House will likely vote on our red light camera ban bill (HB1976) on Thursday. If you can also call your Missouri Representative and tell them to support that bill, please do.

But killing Hinson's bill HB1557 is imperative to our success. Please share




IRS, other federal agencies reportedly used license plate-tracking technology

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IRS, other federal agencies reportedly used license plate-tracking technology

Published April 18, 2014

Automatic license plate readers like the one seen here are mounted atop a police cruiser and utilize both an infrared and a color camera. (Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department)

The Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies reportedly awarded contracts to a license plate-tracking company to provide access to license-plate recognition databases or technology used to collect plate information.

Bloomberg News reported that the IRS and other government agencies awarded about $415,000 in contracts to Livermore, Calif.-based Vigilant Solutions before the Department of Homeland Security dropped a plan for similar work after privacy concerns were raised.

In June 2012, the IRS awarded Vigilant a $1,188 contract for "access to nationwide data," according to federal procurement records compiled by the news agency. The contract ended in May 2013, according to the records. 

"The IRS uses a variety of investigative tools similar to other law-enforcement agencies to assist with criminal cases," Eric Smith, an agency spokesman, told Bloomberg, declining to say how the IRS used the records in its investigations.

The Air Force’s Air Combat Command awarded the company a contract for license plate readers valued at as much as $114,000 in 2011, the report said. A command spokesman said the readers help make base access "easier and more secure."

Bloomberg reported that the U.S. Forest Service awarded Vigilant a contract valued at about $47,019 for a product that scans and captures license plate numbers and compares the data collected to police databases of wanted vehicles.

The Forest Service also awarded the company a contract valued at as much as $7,500 last year for a subscription to its license plate database and other services, according to federal contracting records obtained by Bloomberg.

The Justice Department’s Drug Enforcement Administration, FBI, DHS and U.S. Marshals Service have also awarded contracts to Vigilant for access to its records or tracking tools, according to the report.

License plate readers – essentially cameras that snap rapid-fire pictures of license plates and vehicles as they pass – are in use in a host of locations, by private companies and law enforcement.

The readers – whether they are mounted to police cars, traffic lights or toll booths – record the date, time and location of the vehicle when the picture was taken.

Law enforcement has been using license plate readers for several years, but privacy advocates have raised concerns that the unchecked collection of such information could allow for the tracking of an average citizen’s every movement.

In February, Homeland Security officials dropped plans to establish a national license-plate recognition database to collect information from commercial and law enforcement tag readers after concerns were raised over privacy and how the data would be scrutinized.

The contract proposal said Immigration and Customs Enforcement was planning to use the license plate data in pursuit of criminal immigrants and others sought by authorities.

According to the proposal, the government wanted “a close-up of the plate and a zoomed out image of the vehicle" and instant and around-the-clock access to records through a smartphone app.

In 2012, the American Civil Liberties Union criticized the collection of license plate scanner data and warned that millions of records were being collected with little or no safeguards for people’s privacy. 

Jennifer Lynch, a senior staff attorney with the San Francisco-based civil liberties group Electronic Frontier Foundation, told Bloomberg the contracts represented privacy concerns.

"Especially with the IRS, I don’t know why these agencies are getting access to this kind of information," Lynch said. "These systems treat every single person in an area as if they’re under investigation for a crime -- that is not the way our criminal justice system was set up or the way things work in a democratic society."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Click here for more from Bloomberg.


Red light cameras may come to a stop

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Apr 8, 2014 9:09 PM by Matt Prichard

Red light cameras may come to a stop

Cameras catching red light runners could be a thing of the past in Colorado as some state lawmakers argue they violate privacy laws. But in Pueblo, council members are speaking out saying safety should be the first priority.

"It's all about safety and eliminating broadside accidents and left turn accidents which were prevalent at these three intersections," said Pueblo City Councilmen, Steve Nawrocki.

The city installed the controvercial cameras in three intersections across town, hoping to slow drivers and accident rates down. And locals around Pueblo seem to agree.

"The police say they like them because it slows everybody down to not run the red light, and when you see it flashing it makes you freak out," said Pueblo resident, Cathy Ortega.

"It causes people to wait, and especially when they see that bright flash they wonder did I get a ticket, should I worry about it next time," said Pueblo resident, Phillip Tincher.

But others argue that the cameras can't catch everything and say they'd prefer more officers to be out on the streets.

"If they're going to stop you for any kind of citation that involves a red light or stop sign like that, that's what we have the officers for. That camera don't catch everything that's happening," said Pueblo resident, Rick Gallina.

The proposed law just hit the legislative floor on Friday with no word on when a vote might be cast on the issue.


Drivers claim Colorado license plate led to pot suspicion

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Drivers claim Colorado license plate led to pot suspicion

Olivia Wilmsen, Multimedia Journalist, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
POSTED: 06:11 PM MDT Mar 30, 2014   UPDATED: 06:19 PM MDT Mar 30, 2014


A Colorado man is suing Idaho police and now more Colorado drivers are claiming law enforcement officers are profiling them because of their license plate.

It's apparently happening in states like Nevada, Idaho, Illinois and Missouri, all pointing to the recreational marijuana law.

 "Do we look like potheads?" asked David Adkins.

Adkins and his girlfriend Kay Harmon traveled to California in this white Chevy Avalanche in January. 20 minutes outside Las Vegas, he says a state trooper pulled them over.

“I couldn't believe it," he said.

They say an undercover Nevada State trooper was behind them following a different driver who was speeding when the trooper quickly got behind them and turned on his lights.

"There was no reason for him to pull us over. Why did he pull us over? Only because we had a Colorado license plate and he stuck his head in there and started sniffing as soon as he came up to the car,” said Adkins.

It was January 26, less than a month after Colorado's recreational marijuana shops legally started selling pot.

“He asked me if I was tired and I said no, it's 3 o'clock in the afternoon," said Adkins.

Adkins says the trooper claimed he was swerving. He says he only swerved because he was watching the trooper in his rear view mirror.

"Didn't ask for license, registration, nothing,” said Harmon.

"He just pulled us over because just to check to see if we had pot,” said Adkins.

They're not the only ones talking about license plate profiling KRDO NewsChannel13's Facebook page comments on Sunday include, "Got pulled over in Illinois for having Colorado plates. They searched my truck and trailer." Betsi wrote, "Yes at Rolla, Missouri. And not only do the cops pull you over, every pot head around asks us to sell to them when they see your plates."

"I thought it was strange and violated just because we were from Colorado we got pulled over,” said Adkins.

Nevada State Patrol says a trooper must have probable cause to pull someone over. Swerving is considered probable cause. He says he highly doubts troopers would risk their job just because they see a Colorado plate.


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