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Cleveland Ban Traffic Camera Petition volunteers requested!

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Cleveland Ban Traffic Camera Petition volunteers requested!

See Red Cleveland---Ban The Cameras

July 23

We need volunteers to circulate petitions! We have just a few weeks left to file for the November, 2014 ballot. We currently have just over 10,500 signatures. To help us meet our goal of 12,026 signatures to get this issue onto the Cleveland ballot, please call (216) 318-9704. Any Ohio resident who has not been convicted of a felony after May, 2006 may circulate a petition.


Ohio, France, Germany: Traffic Cameras Disabled

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Scamera Attacks Week Ending 7/27/2014

Ohio, France, Germany: Traffic Cameras Disabled
In Europe and the United States, speed cameras meet with protest, spraypaint and fire.

Neon painted French speed cameraVigilantes blew up a speed camera in Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis, Germany. Der Westen reports that the device on the B226 will not be replaced.

In Milan, Italy, peaceful protesters from the Northern League covered up a speed camera with a cardboard box on the Via Enrico Fermi on Monday, La Repubblica Milano reported. A large warning sign read, "Slow Down, Pisapia will fine you," referring to Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia.

In Greenwich, Ohio, vigilantes have been twisting the speed camera owned and operated by the for-profit vendor Optotraffic, preventing the devices from generating tickets, the Norwalk Reflector reported.

In Normandy, France, vigilantes covered the front of a speed camera with fluorescent yellow and orange paint on Friday, Ouest France reported. The automated ticketing machine had been issuing tickets on the RD579 in Ouilly-le-Vicomte. In Haute-Loire, vigilantes disabled the speed camera on the RD103, according to Le Progres In Garlan, the speed camera on the D786 was set on fire on Thursday. A similar attack took place on July 7 in Daoulas on the RN165, Le Telegramme reported.


Chicago: Anti Camera Protest to continue. OVER 54,000 Signatures on Petition to Ban Traffic Camras

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Chicago:  Anti Camera Protest to continue.  OVER 54,000 Signatures on Petition to Ban Traffic Camras

Are Days Numbered For Red-Light Cameras?

July 25, 2014 1:23 PM

WBBM 780’s Bernie Tafoya
CHICAGO (CBS) – Reports of red light camera “ticket spikes” for thousands of motorists have energized those who have long opposed traffic enforcement cameras.

WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports the group Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras planned to step up its protest schedule, in the wake of a Chicago Tribune investigation revealing mysterious spikes in the number of tickets issued by cameras at at least 12 intersections since 2007.

Instead of demonstrating every other weekend, Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras planned to be out every Saturday for the next four weeks.

They’ll start at 119th and Halsted, one of the 12 intersections noted by the Tribune that had unexplained, questionable spikes in red light camera tickets.

Group director Mark Wallace said the cameras are not only inaccurate and inconsistent, but unsafe and unconstitutional.

“This is all about generating revenue for private corporations, and generating revenue for the city of Chicago on the backs of the citizens,” he said.

Wallace said he knows of what he speaks; he’s been caught several times by red light cameras.

He said the sheer number of tickets issued during those mysterious spikes at 12 intersections is all the more proof red light cameras should be abolished altogether.

“We do have some 54,000 signatures that people have signed on petitions in opposition to the photo enforcement,” Wallace said.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to abolish red-light cameras through legislation.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker talked with state Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago, who is pushing legislation to shut them down. He voted for the cameras in 2011, but says his constituents have convinced him they need to go.

Dunkin says people have been wrongly ticketed and subjected to “injustices.”

A two-page letter signed by Ald. Bob Fioretti and seven other city council members asks the Inspector General to look into false tickets, glitches and where ticket revenue has gone.

“We’re excited that the powers be are looking at this closely,” he says.

The city of Chicago has promised to review the 9,000 tickets issued at the intersections where there were ticket spikes, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel couldn’t say how that review will be done nor whether motorists have any recourse to appeal the results.

They’ll start at 119th and Halsted, one of the 12 intersections noted by the Tribune that had unexplained, questionable spikes in red light camera tickets.

Group director Mark Wallace said the cameras are not only inaccurate and inconsistent, but unsafe and unconstitutional.

“This is all about generating revenue for private corporations, and generating revenue for the city of Chicago on the backs of the citizens,” he said.

Wallace said he knows of what he speaks; he’s been caught several times by red light cameras.

He said the sheer number of tickets issued during those mysterious spikes at 12 intersections is all the more proof red light cameras should be abolished altogether.

“We do have some 54,000 signatures that people have signed on petitions in opposition to the photo enforcement,” Wallace said.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to abolish red-light cameras through legislation.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker talked with state Rep. Ken Dunkin, D-Chicago, who is pushing legislation to shut them down. He voted for the cameras in 2011, but says his constituents have convinced him they need to go.

Dunkin says people have been wrongly ticketed and subjected to “injustices.”

A two-page letter signed by Ald. Bob Fioretti and seven other city council members asks the Inspector General to look into false tickets, glitches and where ticket revenue has gone.

“We’re excited that the powers be are looking at this closely,” he says.

The city of Chicago has promised to review the 9,000 tickets issued at the intersections where there were ticket spikes, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel couldn’t say how that review will be done nor whether motorists have any recourse to appeal the results.


Iowa:Muscatine vistor wasn't speeding but still wrongly accused. WILL NOT BE BACK to spend tourist $

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Iowa:  Muscatine vistor wasn't speeding but still wrongly accused.  WILL NOT BE BACK to spend tourist dollars!

Traffic cameras win and Muscatine loses

July 25, 2014 10:25 am

City of Muscatine,

I (am) was a frequent visitor of the Muscatine retail and restaurants. My family enjoyed the less crowded shops compared to Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and the Quad Cities. We also enjoyed the lower market prices. However, I regret to inform you that due to your city government, I will no longer spend my dollars in Muscatine, Iowa.

I recently received a citation for speeding from a traffic camera. This suprised me as I rarely speed in town (admittedly I set the cruise +4 mph on some highways). Also, we had our Garmin on the day I was cited, which indicates when [a driver is] speeding. After further review of the video, I realized I was certainly not speeding. Simple math, measurements, and timing prove that it was not possible for me to be exceeding the limit as accused. This prompted me to contest the charge by showing my vehicle length versus marks on the pavement, and calculate speed by time. This calculation was derived from the video, not my opinion, and yet the citation claims I was going 8-10 mph faster than the video shows. Thus I lost my case, and owe $75 to the City of Muscatine.

I was not allowed proper due process by law, and the simple principle of ticketing a lawful citizen based on technology (clearly in error) disgusts me.

I hope the $75 to the City of Muscatine was worth the hassle, and loss of my future spendings in your city for years to come. Good luck!!

Matt Hills

West Branch


City Hall watchdog launches sweeping probe into red light camera program

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City Hall watchdog launches sweeping probe into red light camera program


By David Kidwell and Hal Dardick

Clout Street

7:25 p.m. CDT, July 25, 2014

City Hall’s top watchdog announced Friday he has launched a sweeping probe of the city's besieged red light camera program in response to a Tribune investigation that found suspicious ticket spikes at dozens of intersections throughout the city.

Inspector General Joseph Ferguson said his office will examine the shortcomings exposed by the Tribune’s reporting to ensure the program is run “more efficiently, fairly, and in a manner fully deserving of the public’s trust.”

Like most government watchdogs, Ferguson does not usually issue announcements at the start of his investigations. But on Friday, he used a news release to mark his entrance into a controversy that touched a raw nerve with many Chicago-area drivers for more than a week.

“Recent articles in the Chicago Tribune have raised important questions about the red light camera program both past and present,” said the release. “The office has received, and expects going forward, the full cooperation and assistance of the city.”

The Tribune found thousands of drivers were fined during wild swings in ticketing in which some cameras that normally tagged just a few drivers a day suddenly and temporarily issued up to 56 tickets per day. The administration of Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been unable to explain the spikes or to produce records that might shed light on their causes.

“In the wake of recent media reports, the public’s questions regarding the red light camera program are understandable,” Ferguson was quoted as saying in the release.

The inspector general added that his office “will attempt to identify past program shortcomings, including any that may have allowed the citation spikes reported in the media, and will report its findings and recommendations on how the city can manage the red light camera program more efficiently, fairly, and in a manner fully deserving of the public’s trust.”

The announcement came a day after a group of Chicago aldermen sent Ferguson a letter asking for the probe, raising questions about the oversight, consistency and fairness of a camera system in “continued disorder.”

The outspoken Progressive Caucus of eight aldermen, led by Scott Waguespack, 32nd, requested a review of operations and revenue of the red light ticketing program, including issues ranging from the timing of yellow lights to inconsistent enforcement of traffic laws.

The group also requested a flow chart of city employees involved in the program’s oversight “because no one seemed to be in charge.”

“In light of this continued disorder within the program, we are requesting assistance from your office in providing a review of the red light program,” the letter said.

Ferguson already had received a request on Monday from the Emanuel administration to help in a review of the program. Ferguson’s investigators already have some familiarity with it — they’re working with federal authorities to investigate corruption allegations surrounding the red light camera contract that once was held by Redflex Traffic Systems.

And last year, Ferguson conducted an audit of the way camera locations are chosen by the administration and criticized City Hall for “a lack of basic record keeping and an alarming lack of analysis” in the red light camera program.

The aldermen asked Ferguson to examine the causes of the ticket spikes, figure out how the city has spent nearly half a billion dollars in fines it has collected from drivers since its inception, and whether there were “unannounced changes to the standards for ticketing.”

“Does the data revealing these spikes lead to other anomalies in the system or problems not unveiled in your 2013 review or in the Tribune investigation?” the aldermen wrote. “Of the 4 million tickets written, is there indication of other spikes in prior years where the same issued may have occurred?”

“Was it a system malfunction, were there unannounced changes to the standards for ticketing or was there direct human intervention that was taking place?” the alderman asked.

The letter was delivered the same day same day City Hall began to provide some details about a new review process it established to offer at least 9,000 drivers ticketed during the spikes a second chance at contesting their tickets. Drivers, who will be notified by mail and will have 45 days to ask for the review, which the Emanuel administration said will be conducted by an outside auditor.

Neither Emanuel nor his aides have addressed questions about the broader and more central issue raised by the Tribune investigation: How to deal with the thousands of drivers who may have been unfairly ticketed by camera systems that suddenly targeted more minor infractions — such as rolling right turns — that for months and years had been excused by the same camera system.

National experts who reviewed the Tribune’s findings said such inconsistent enforcement is unfair and should prompt refunds whether or not there was a technical infraction. On Thursday, Emanuel declined to address the issue of fairness, instead suggesting the question itself was unfair.

“If the 9,000, or any one of them is wrong, they’re going to get a refund, because they deserve it,” Emanuel told reporters.

On Friday, Waguespack raised concerns about the haste with which the Emanuel administration set up a new review process. He said any such process aimed at getting refunds to drivers should come after City Council hearings and a full vetting of what happened.

“I know many of these people who were ticketed will want their money back as soon as possible,” he said. “But this is something the administration is really good at, putting this stuff together really quickly with no oversight or input from the City Council.”

Waguespack said he will advocate for another process for appeals after all the appropriate investigations and hearings are complete. “This is not the end of it,” he said.

The aldermen who signed the letter are Waguespack; Robert Fioretti, 2nd; John Arena, 45th; Leslie Hairston, 5th; Ricardo Munoz, 22nd; Toni Foulkes, 15th; Rod Sawyer, 6th; and Nicholas Sposato, 36th.

Ferguson said his office is “prioritizing an immediate review of the program” and “will publicly report the findings from its review of past activities, along with any recommendations for how the City, working with the new vendor, can assure the program operates effectively and fairly in the future.”

“If the review reveals any indication of purposeful manipulation or unlawful conduct, OIG will take action to investigate and will work with the appropriate prosecutorial authorities,” Ferguson said.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Judge to Austin Cops: People Have a Right to Record You. Deal With It.

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Judge to Austin Cops:  People Have a Right to Record You. Deal With It.

Federal Judge to Camera-Shy Austin Cops: People Have a Right to Record You. Deal With It.

Jacob Sullum|Jul. 25, 2014 1:08 pm

As  my colleagues and  I frequently note, Americans have a well-established constitutional right to record police officers as they publicly perform their duties. Yet cops across the country continue to harass and arrest people for exercising that right, using bogus charges such as wiretapping, resisting arrest, and interfering with police. Yesterday yet another federal judge issued a clear message to those cops: Cut it out.

The case was brought by Antonio Buehler, an Austin, Texas, activist who has had several run-ins with camera-shy cops. The first incident occurred on January 1, 2012, when Buehler pulled into a 7-11 in Austin to refuel his truck and observed a traffic stop during which police dragged a screaming passenger from a car and knocked her to the ground. After Buehler took out his phone and began taking pictures of the encounter from a distance, Officer Patrick Obosrki manhandled him and arrested him for "resisting arrest, search, or transportation."

Buehler filed a complaint about the incident with the Austin Police Department but never received a satisfactory response. The experience led him to start the Peaceful Streets Project, which aims to help "individuals understand their rights and hold law enforcement officials accountable." The organization routinely records police encounters "to prevent and document police brutality." That work led to two more arrests of Buehler, both for "interference with public duties," on August 26, 2012, and September 21, 2012. The third arrest again involved Oborski. On both occasions police took Buehler's camera and never returned it.

In response to Buehler's federal lawsuit, Oborski and several other officers claimed they did not realize he had a right to record them. But according to U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Lane, they really should have. In yesterday's decision, which allowed the lawsuit to proceed, Lane cites "a robust consensus of circuit courts of appeals"—including the 1st, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th—that "the First Amendment encompasses a right to record public officials as they perform their official duties." He also notes two decisions in which the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, which includes Texas, "seems to assume, without explicitly stating, that photographing a police officer performing his official duties falls under the umbrella of protected expression."

This is not some newly discovered right that Oborski and his colleagues might have understandably overlooked. To the contrary, it rests on longstanding principles repeatedly recognized by the Supreme Court. "If a person has the right to assemble in a public place, receive information on a matter of public concern, and make a record of that information for the purpose of disseminating that information," Kane writes, "the ability to make photographic or video recording of that information is simply not a new right or a revolutionary expansion of a historical right. Instead, the photographic or video recording of public information is only a more modern and efficient method of exercising a clearly established right." He therefore concludes that Oborski et al. cannot claim qualified immunity by arguing that the right was not clearly established at the time of Buehler's arrests.


In addition to his First Amendment claims, Buehler accuses Oborski and the others of false arrest, and Kane allowed him to pursue those claims as well. The charge of resisting arrest—which in Buehler's case presumably referred to the arrest that he photographed in the first incident, as opposed to his own arrest for resisting arrest—involves "using force," and Buehler claims he never did that. "Accepting as true Buehler’s factual allegations," Kane writes, "Oborski and [Officer Robert] Snider did not have probable cause to arrest Buehler on January 1, 2012 for Resisting Arrest, Search, or Transportation." A charge of interference with public duties is also inconsistent with the facts as described by Buehler, says Kane, since he claims he was merely observing and recording, which he had a right to do.

In addition to Oborski, Snider, and the other officers, Buehler is suing the city of Austin and the Austin Police Department, arguing that they had an obligation to make sure that the cops they employ understand their constitutional obligations. This sort of decision is important not only because it highlights a right that police are bound to respect but because it puts them on notice that they can be held personally liable for violating it.


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